Researchers at Tel Aviv University showed off a similar system in 2017.

A fake video of President Barack Obama are creating by Dr Supasorn Suwajanakorn in 2017.

They Make Obama Talking to the BBC. The researcher acknowledged that the technology could be misused but he added it could also be used as a force for good Such as allowing grieving relatives to create avatars of family members after they die.

Experts have previously said that fake videos of politicians could fool entire populations. And the issues do not stop at political manipulation.

Deepfake technology has also been used to manipulate photos of celebrities to create pornography.

Dave Coplin, chief executive of AI consultancy The Envisioners. said:

The rise of convincing
deepfakes is something that could be really problematic unless we have this conversation.Members of the public need to know how easy it is to create convincing fake videos.

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