Credit: Twitter/@Call458

the story is a man  use a dart to kill a spider with a perfectly aimed  has sparked a bit of an online backlash with many people calling out the man for being ‘cruel’.

 Credit: Twitter/@Call458

Credit: Twitter/@Call458

The  spider can see crawling down a wall before the camera pans to a man holding a dart. Taking aim from across the room he hits the spider, which then wriggles around, seemingly in pain, while pinned by the dart.

Woman accuses he spider killer of being cruel in the background and she saying “Who’s the man?”

And it wasn’t just her who thought the whole thing was cruel, after the video was posted online a number of people have taken to social media to condemn his actions.

In social media we read this comment :

A woman wrote:

“Just saw a video of someone who had thrown a dart and pinned down a spider, it was struggling to get away. I honestly fucking hate people, what gives you the right to do that to a living creature? Spiders, small or not, have just as much right to life as all of us.”

Another man called him a ‘horrible man’ and warne:

“You have just created so much bad luck in your life now. Spiders get rid of flies ridden with bacteria…Oh well good luck to you!”

While others commented to simply call him ‘cruel’ and his actions ‘disgusting’.

All heroes don’t wear capes. God bless this man.

While another add: “Damn, that’s good aim.

The man in the video , believe to have been filmed in Scotland, has yet to identified, so how he feels about his newly-found Internet fame we don’t know.

Hopefully in future he’ll use the trusty old pint glass and a bit of paper trick, rather than lashing darts around the place killing bugs and putting holes in his walls.

The man believe the spiders were ‘dangerous, black widows’, so pick up a blow-torch to take them out. But some of the flames caught and before he knew it the place was ablaze.

It took a total of 29 spiders to deal with the fire, but fortunately no one was hurt. Although I reckon the spiders were probably done for.

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