turns plane to house
turns plane to house
flying house

A Man Turns An Old Plane Into A House. Watch When He Opens The Door And Reveals The Interior

This one was found in Hillsboro, Oregon by Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer and a very inventive man. If you found a airplane in the middle of the woods, what would you think happened? Was it a mysterious accident? Or an old plane cemetery?

Bruce likes to transform planes destined for scrap metal into ornate works of architecture. He thinks that the planes have a lot of potential outside of their intended use.

Using a large dose of imagination, an old plane and a large piece of land on which to build the most unique house in the world. Keep reading to see how he constructed his bizarre house and take a look inside!

1 – A Grand Vision

Bruce Campbell, 64-year-old retired engineer, always had a creative vision. When he was about 20 years old, he bought a four-hectare piece of land in the forest of Hillsboro, Oregon, for 20,000 Dollars, with a very clear vision in his head.

From a young age, Campbell liked to tinker with old objects and materials to create entirely new things.

His plan for the piece of land was to construct a house from a number of cargo vans. It seemed like a wonderful and innovative plan, but it was before he heard talk of a house built by someone else.

2 – A Change Of Plans

About two decades before, Bruce Campbell heard about Joanne Ussery, a hairdresser from Mississippi who bought a Boeing 727 and transformed it into her house.

Her old home had burned down, and she decided to construct a functional house-plane at the edge of a peaceful lake. He had the idea before about the vans, but Campbell found an enormous airplane that seemed much more innovative and interesting to use.

After all, he firmly believed that the planes should be saved from the junkyard. The land wasn’t a problem since he owned about four hectares, but he had to find the money to purchase and transport this type of unconventional vehicle all the way to Oregon.

3 – Buying A Boeing

In 1999, Campbell decided to buy an Olympic Airways Boeing 727 that was sitting in the Athens airport, for the reasonable price of 85,000 Dollars. Once the plane was purchased, he had to transport it to the forest in Oregon.

The transport of the airplane from Athens, Greece to Oregon proved to be the most difficult task of the entire adventure. The planning and execution of the move, as well as many other aspects of the project, cost him over 105,000 Dollars,

Meaning that in total the airplane actually cost 190,000 Dollars

. But this investment was going to become very profitable for Campbell, even more profitable than he planned.

4 – The Great Move

The industrious Bruce Campbell was impatient to start working on his new project, but he first had to bring the enormous plane to the woods in Oregon.

hat’s because Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer, lives, believe it or not, in retired Boeing 727 fuselage. The industrious recycler Bruce has had his old plane placed in woods near Portland, … He has transformed the inside of the plane into a workable living space, as you … Trick doors, trick floors. … Watch later.

Flying House

Several people had to remove the wings of the plane to transport Campbell’s new purchase to the isolated location. They disassembled the wings of the plane so that Campbell could replace them once the plane parked in the location of his new home.

Campbell thought that his project would only be “a work in progress” forever, but he finally transform it into something incredible and important after several years of hard work and innovation.

5 – Lessons Learned The Hard Way

In the beginning, Bruce Campbell thought of the plane as an amusing project without a particular purpose, the only thing he knew for sure was that he want to recycle the plane.

Airplane house  interior


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