Years ago a room mate went to sleep after leaving a candle burning on the floor in the middle of the room,

I woke up to yelling and commotion and the house filled with smoke. The candle had burned all the way down and burned a huge circle in the carpet.

Earlier this summer I noticed my neighbors left a candle burning on their dining room table, and were gone for the night. I didn’t have a way to contact them, so I was torn between kicking in the door to put it out and staying up all night to make sure the house was safe.

Tenants called today to tell me the toilet wouldn't flush .this is what's the plumber found.
Tenant bathroom
copyright pic by u/1111race22112

I checked it every few hours and eventually it just went out, but I’d be a lair if I said I slept easily that night.

You must play safe

Try to follow these rules

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